The Music of BMI Composers Ritmanis, Boyer and Lebetkin Moves Carnegie Hall Audience,” BMIOctober 16, 2017

“The Carnegie Hall concert, which was expertly conducted by the orchestra’s founder, Amy Andersson, celebrated the American immigrant experience.”

Review: Orchestra Moderne NYC is Moving and Relevant at Carnegie Hall,” Brian Taylor, Contributing Writer, ZEALnyc, October 9, 2017

“The orchestra, under Andersson’s clear baton, played with verve and flair.” 

“If the rhythmic panache, warmth of tone, and impeccable intonation demonstrated in this reading are any indication, New York City has another first-rate classical ensemble on its hands.”

“Amy Andersson and her Orchestra Moderne NYC have laid a solid foundation for their arrival in New York, and the orchestra plays magnificently, as if together for years. Andersson’s conducting is refreshingly no-nonsense and efficient. Her technique never draws attention to itself and she has a good ear and rich musicality.”

Immigrant Voices of Hope and Resilience, and Our Relentless History of Vilification of the Of the Other, from Wagner to Trump,” Lawrence D. Mass, M.D. , Contributor, Huffington Post, October 11, 2017

“Each of the actors—Stacey Lightman, Myles Phillips, Rori Nogee, Daniel Kreizberg, Annie Meisel, Austin Ku, Carol Beaugard, and Karen Johal—brought presence, passion and pathos to their lines.”

Orchestra Moderne NYC Is Ready To Tackle Social and Political Issues; First Stop—The Immigrant Experience,” Joanne Sydney Lessner, Contributing Writer, Huffington Post, September 30, 2017


“All of the pieces were masterfully performed by the Orchestra Moderne NYC, directed by Amy Andersson.

Amy Andersson featured in Wall Street Journal article: “How Videogames Are Saving the Symphony Orchestra. Sarah E. Neddleman, 10/13/15.

The Mann Center, Philadelphia, PA, 9/18/15. ©Derek Brad.

The Mann Center, Philadelphia, PA, 9/18/15. © Derek Brad.

In the Press

“The conductor Amy Andersson, who through her work with the Dusseldorf Opera has earned a good reputation, conducted with economical gestures and led the brilliantly playing orchestra.  Giessen Zeitung

This ensemble, which was announced this year for the first time specially for the Chamber Opera of Rheinsberg Castle, played under the high-spirited direction of Amy Andersson with precision and remarkable beauty.” Das Opernglas

The conductor Amy Andersson is one of those rare types that can turn the impossible into the possible. Ruppiner Tageblatt Markische Allgemeine

. . . .a rare and talented young woman, . . . Amy Andersson showed great control of pace and dynamics. She took hold of the sometimes daunting scores of the Stern and the Bloch and added Bach’s A Minor Violin Concerto and a serenede by Offenbach to her musical bouquet for the night. She is an accomplished conductor with a fine ear. . . she must get herself a major orchestra one day.  Lohud, The Journal News, USA Today Network

Under the direction of the American conductor Amy Andersson, the Berliner Symphoniker achieved a disciplined, beautiful sound for the young voices…  Berliner Zeitung

The young American, Amy Andersson, who would look almost as beautiful in front of a movie camera as she is at the conductor’s podium, . . .has now made her Berlin debut conducting in the Philharmonia, where, with the well-trained members of the Berliner Symphoniker, she accepted the challenge of a program of exclusively French music, which was received by the public with increasing attention and hearty applause. . . Under the direction of a conductor like Amy Andersson, who can help create a better effect of even rarely performed works with a pleasing natural manner of feeling and an intelligently disciplined imagination, an orchestra like the Berliner Symphoniker occasionally rises to new heights. . .  Der Tagesspiegel

The truly youthful Berlin-Brandenburg Opera Youth Orchestra has achieved something astonishing; sensitive string playing and equally reliable and beautiful wind playing. Amy Andersson used moderate speeds; the orchestra was never too loud, yet the big recitatives had momentum and decisiveness.  Berliner Morgenpost

The Berlin-Brandenburg Youth Opera Orchestra, specially assembled for the Rheinsberg Festival, provided a sensitive accompaniment under the musical direction of the American, Amy Andersson. The successful premiere tempted us to use superlatives…  Markische Oderzeitung

Amy Andersson very sympathetically elicited absolutely everything from the Berlin-Brandenburg Youth Orchestra (musicians aged 14 to 24). Bravo!  Berliner Kurier

Amy Andersson’s tempi are rather moderate; she never pushes the orchestra into the foreground, but the great recitatives are powerful and convincing.  Berliner Morgenpost

This meant that subtle moods were reserved for the music, a task which Amy Andersson at the conductor’s desk of the Berlin-Branderburg Youth Opera Orchestra performed impressively. There was so much vivacity in the orchestra, the ensembles were rhythmically so flexibly accompanied, that any other repertory productions would have paled in comparison.  Opern Welt

After a short rehearsal time, the Brandenburg Youth Orchestra, conducted with precision and attention to detail by Amy Andersson, passed this trial with flying colors. From the Overture, which was nuanced and refined, to the dramatic character thoroughout . . .[it was] charming and youthfully spirited.  Neues Deutschland

Amy Andersson leads the production of “Cosi Fan Tutte” She has guest conducted many years with great success in German Opera Houses, including Stadttheatre Aachen.  Markische Allgemine Zeitung

The homogeneous character of the Rheinsberg opera work was again supported vigorously by the Berlin-Brandenburg Youth Orchestra. The young conductor, Amy Andersson, rehearsed energetically with the instrumentalists and made the sensitively accompanying ensembles, such as the trio ‘Soave sia il vento’ in the first act, the high point of the evening.  Der Tagesspiegel

The musical production was provided by the young American, Amy Andersson, who conducted the Berlin-Brandenburg Youth Opera Orchestra, a unique orchestra of young musicians aged 14 to 28. What the young people lacked in experience was compensated by commitment and passion.  l’Opera

It is simply wonderful to observe and experience how thoroughly the conductor Amy Andersson has worked with and prepared the Brandenburg Youth Orchestra.Chemnitz Presse

Fan Reviews

“Wonderful performance. It is obvious that the orchestra members have a great love and respect for their conductor. She was brilliant. They sounded fantastic.” Philadelphia, PA

WOW, the conductor was exquisite! There was magic in the finesse of her hands, she got every ounce out of the symphony and was professionally playful with the audience!” Los Angeles, CA